Friday, November 15, 2013

Unconditionally Twice

Yesterday I was driving in my car and I switched to 99.9 and they were playing Katy Perry's new song, Unconditionally... and then I switched to 104.5 and they were ALSO playing Katy Perry's new song, Unconditionally, at the same time! Also, the two songs were off by just ~1-2 seconds!

Two radio stations, both playing the same song, that happens quite frequently (about half an hour later, 98.1 also played the new song) - but both of them playing at the same time, that doesn't happen very often! And off by just 1-2 seconds - that's quite a thing. At first I thought I pressed the wrong button, but then I switched back and forth and they were both the same song!

So yeah. I thought this warranted a blog entry! :D

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Getting Gas

So yesterday I drove the Sienna to Untouchables for Commander - and on the way I stopped at a gas station because I needed to fill up; I was at around 10% gas left (so like, 55km out of 550km). So I pull up behind this woman who was also filling up her own Sienna. I thought that was smart, since it's the same kind of car, so exiting the gas station would be easy.

So I park behind her, get out, put in my credit card, punch in my PIN, and then start pumping gas into my car - and of course, I fill it up to 100%. I get my receipt... and the lady in front of me is STILL pumping gas into her Sienna! I jumped back into my car, and only then does she start finishing pumping her gas, but it will still take a while, so of course I have to back up and stuff to get out.

This puzzles me! We both had recent-model Siennas, and when I got there she was already pumping gas, and I had to do a bunch of stuff before pumping gas, and I still finished before her! So yeah, I thought this was blog-worthy.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


So I just updated my blog on the other side, mentioning that I've been updating this blog, so I'm here now.

Girlfriend is starting to do more things now :P - We watched the Count of Monte Cristo together, and now we're going through Gankutsuou, one of my favorite animes. We are also going through Plants vs Zombies! I think she really likes it, as she's asking to play it more.

So I just wanted to write something down. Gankutsuou is pretty sweet. Memories are coming back, can't wait till episode 15-16-17 again :D We're just about to start Episode 3 now. I guess I could write more but I think that's enough for now. We might buy more games soon? Cool cool

Monday, October 07, 2013

EDH Night

So nowadays, on Saturdays we have EDH night; Tomson decided that he would have a weekly EDH night on Saturday. Originally he was going to get together with a couple buddies and meet up at Tim Hortons, but for the past two weeks I've volunteered my place for it, so that's what we're doing nowadays. There's more room, it's more private, and we get to spend time with Duy (and sometimes Ambrose, and/or Alan) as well.

So this past Saturday, I joked to Vinh - what if instead of just Tomson, Rob, and Scott coming, it was Tomson, Rob, Scott... Tim, Reuben... John, Alex, and Quyen? That would've been pretty crazy.

But then it sort of came true! Alex all of a sudden appeared in Mississauga, and Tomson came with Scott, Tim, Reuben, as well as Wayne and a new guy named Anthony. So there were 9 of us in total, so we played with the Horde a bit and then separated into two tables to play separate EDH games. So that was super neat and fun, and I'm looking forward to next Saturday - as well as today, Monday, which is EDH night at Untouchables. I have some new decks to try out so I'm looking forward to wrecking face with that. Also I brought Planes so maybe we can travel on those as well. Fun times ahead!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


I don't like driving the Mercedes because it feels like I'm driving a box. Like, with other cars, when you step on the gas pedal, it feels like you are controlling the whole car. With the Mercedes, it feels like the outershell is loosely attached to the rest of the car and it just doesn't feel right.

Also, the central navigation and entertainment unit is super cluttered and confusing.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day of Fate

I don't think this is a Day of Fate - but if life pushes you to do something specifically, is that fate?

So today I saw an e-mail about Nintendo and I remembered that I wanted to try the demo to that new Wii U game, something about the Incredible 101 or whatever it was. So I go downstairs and turn on the Wii U but I can't find the cable to connect the tablet thingy to the Wii U, because the tablet is out of power.

I'm looking everywhere and we can't find it. So, We settle on watching TV - Vinh and I. So we want to watch American Ninja Warrior but there's something wrong with our PVR - every other show works fine, except American Ninja Warrior - when we play the video, it instead plays a Doc Zone that we have taped in February.

So we started the day wanting to play the Wii U, and when we couldn't do that, we wanted to watch American Ninja Warrior - and we couldn't do that either! So "Fate" has pushed us to watch the America's Got Talent finale, or at least some of it (the ending and some things in the middle). That was neat.

Later the parents came home and we deleted the Doc Zone and the ANW worked fine, but we still couldn't find the cable for the Wii U... so that's kinda sucky.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Eclair Dog

Eclair Dog was so good.

So the plan was to eat half of it and bring the other half home, but it was sooo goood... also, when I sat down to eat it, the son and his mom saw it and they were like "wow, what is that??" And I told them and she was super excited. She turned to the dad and said, "look at this!" Then she turned to mom and said "look at this! It's a sweet eclair and a savoury hot dog!" I think her mom was upset that this combination exists.

So then I was eating it and I didn't want to stop and just put it away - the mom and the kid were basically watching me eat, haha. Not in a creepy way, but still. Anyway, point #2 was that everything was pretty much melting halfway through, so saving it wasn't really an option at that point.

I will post a pic later, probably on facebook, not here. Or maybe I will. This blog needs a few more pictures. But it was $6, tax included - so compared to other prices at the CNE, it wasn't that bad. You can have dinner and dessert together in the same meal.

omg, it was really awesome. On one hand, it tastes like you'd expect, but on the other hand, it's still freaking awesome. I recommend it! Just have a washroom nearby to wash your hands.