Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ice Cream Cones

You know those ice cream cones, like Drumsticks? Do you know what my favourite part is? The bottom, where there's no ice cream, and it's just chocolate wrapped in a cone. It's about the bottom 10% of the ice cream cone, but since that is the smallest part it only makes up like, 4% of the entire thing.

So I was thinking - someone (me?) should invent a new icecream cone where that chocolate part is bigger! So maybe 20% of the height, or 12% of the cone is that pure chocolate part. I think the cone is lined with chocolate sometimes, but maybe that chocolate should be thicker too.

Similarly, I was eating ice cream the other day, some cherry flavor - so in a tub, they would cram about 90% ice cream and maybe 10% "toppings", like cherries, and then mix it all around. What if there was a new thing where instead of 90% cream and 10% toppings, it's more like 40% toppings and 60% cream? Sure, it would be more expensive - I think - or not?

So it would be like a new paradigm shift in desserts. Instead of having an ice cream cone with chocolate, you would have a chocolate cone with ice cream topping. Instead of having ice cream with cherries, you would have cherries with a touch of cream surrounding it. That sounds marvelous!!


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