Thursday, September 15, 2005

Brave Fable about the Lad’s Revenge on the Dark Republic Kingdom

Graffiti Kingdom, bought Tuesday, started Tuesday, played 3.5 hours so far, but the file says I’ve only played 1:25
KOTOR, bought a few months ago, played 3 hours before, this week played an additional 1.5 hours
Phantom Brave, started yesterday, played for 2 hours
Fable, started yesterday, played for 1 hour
Dark Cloud 2, started today, played for 1 hour; 35 minutes of that was playing, 25 minutes of that was watching; also, I got Game Over at 4 minutes :P
Arc the Lad, started today, played 1.5 hours, mainly because there was no save point between 0:48 and 1:19
And Burnout Revenge, bought today, started today, played 2.5 hours.

Now I can be in one of those awkward conversations that go something like

Guy at party: Hey, have you played Dark Cloud 2?
Bao: Yeah, but only for an hour.
Guy: Why? You didn’t like it.
Bao: No, that’s not it. I just didn’t have enough time.
Guy: You didn’t have enough time?
Bao: Yeah, I had too many games to play.
Guy: Oh…. Okay….

Quick summaries…
Graffiti Kingdom, simple gameplay, bosses also simple (but still fun), main part comes in the creation of characters, and leveling to get better functions
KOTOR, good, flexible system based on d20, works nicely, story compelling
Fable, so far feels like MMO + Tutorial, I’m probably not far enough to start being a very dark-side person. But it’s fun firing short bolts of lightning aimlessly and having everyone cower in fear.
Dark Cloud 2, not bad, graphics sorta like Tales of Symphonia style (3d, and 3d differently coloured for characters), fighting isn’t so interesting yet though, kinda like Kingdom Hearts
Phantom Brave, probably not as interesting as Disgaea, turn based; story probably good though
Arc The Lad, actually not too bad – fighting is quite similar to Phantom Brave, or things like that… walk around, line up enemies so you can hit them with arrows and special attacks, etc…

And lastly, Burnout Revenge. Bought it today when EB got it in, and it’s sweet. At first, It didn’t feel “that” much better than Burnout 3, and it is a bit different… but after a bit of playing, it’s awesomely much more stylish, and a lot of fun too. Wouldn’t sell Burnout 3, I would keep both in my collection; some parts in BO3 are still better. Also, I made a new custom soundtrack cd which works well with Burnout Revenge.


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