Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur

Okay, so I finally beat Kingdoms of Amalur! After about 82 hours, I've reached level 37 and I've done 135 quests. Now I've beaten the last boss, and after the last boss I've been rescued and now I'm out and about walking around. I read that an extra dungeon was unlocked, so I guess I'll go do that soon. I'm trying to find my "rescuer", but reading through forums now, I don't think I'll ever find him/her - might be something for the sequel, or whatever.

Shucks - would be nice to talk to him/her. Anyway, game was fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll probably play another 2-5 hours, and then I'll start doing silly things, like pillage, or I'll respec all my points and try different moves and whatever. I hear I'm supposed to break the game by going pure Sagecraft/Blacksmith, and craft ridiculous gear - for example, at end game I had about 500 (or was it 800?) armor, and my weapons do between 100-200 points of damage. But I hear people have armor sets that grant them 3000+ armor, and they can kill most enemies in 2 hits, so I guess they can do 600+ points of damage per swing...

Hmm... I guess I should go try that sometime.


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