Monday, October 24, 2005

The Joys of Drafting

Ahh, the joys of drafting (magic cards, of course). We have been drafting quite a bit during the past few weeks (two and a half times), and it’s a lot of fun. It’s hard to explain. Opening a booster, seeing new/old cards, then formulizing a strategy to choose cards. So decision making comes into play, and then there’s some psychology too (in an awkward sense, like, “I think I can take this uncommon card now, and I really think this card will pass around to me again so I can take it again”) – so that’s a fun psychological part. Then after all the cards are drafted, then you make your deck – formulate a strategy, etc, and then play against each other.

Drafting does have its drawbacks. First, it costs a lot. You can have a small draft for around $12, so around the price for a movie – or a bigger draft for about twice as much, which, proportionally, makes sense. And then comes another negative which isn’t really a negative, but… it is.

The other negative is having a lot of cards afterwards. One of two things happen: We don’t use the other cards, and they take up space; or we do use them to make other decks, and we use up time. It does take time to make a deck, but it’s also fun – to make constructed decks, but yes, it does use up time. Back when we were all active magic players, this wouldn’t be a problem – more cards means more choices so we can make better decks, and everyone will have fun.

Now’s not really the case anymore – we still use magic cards in deck, but not as much as we used to. Well, I still do it, because…we have a lot of cards. If we could sell cards for 2 cents a card, that’d be a pretty good deal… we’d make maybe $40 easily with that.

Anyway, Alan’s birthday is coming up, and for that I think he wants a CBS draft – so that should be fun. Also, VK’s birthday is mid-November, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d like a draft too. I’m hoping a big Type 2 draft – a really big one, maybe. That’d be sweet. And then of course in December, we have our 2nd fake draft, which would be fun. I sure hope we play with those cards more often though.


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