Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I Don't Get By!

Yesterday I sang the first 40%-48% of "I Get By" like, 20 times. ARGH! What a horrible song. The worst (best?) part is that I've convinced myself if I get to 49%, then the rest would be pretty smooth sailing. But I haven't got past 48% on that song. Such a horrible part, that 35-48% part where the guy is like, "talking to himself" in some random melody. So wow... this is being a real pain in the butt.

That said, Vinh says we're probably okay for that song on the Expert Endless Setlist (short form for now is EELS), since you just need to save the guy once at that part. Also, I've tried Foreplay/Longtime once and died at 86%, but the song is shortened so in the full song that's probably 91%, so a nice save there is also good enough to get through the EELS. Well, I haven't tried "I'm So Sick", "Can't Let Go", and "Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld" on expert yet, but... well, we'll see.

But that's sorta weird, since I'm going to be the official drum afficianado, so me singing songs is probably not so important (that'll be Eric's job)... but sometimes he might want to take a break or I would want to take a break from drumming, so I would be able to sing or play guitar as well.

There are some other hard songs, namely Blood Doll and Reptilia, but the rest are somewhat doable. Anyway, that's all for now... I'll try some more "I Get By" later...

oh yeah, that reminds me - Practice mode for Vocals is total garbage. In all other modes you can choose parts of the song and you can slow it down, but for vocals, you just sing the whole thing and it tells you how excellent you did. Pure garbage.

::edit 11:36pm, Mar6:: - Okay, so when I came home, I watched a youtube video of someone passing "I Get By" with 5 stars... and then later tonight Vinh and I were playing (vocal+guitar, expert expert), and I passed the song without his help... aww man, the time I pass the song, it doesn't count...

Anyway, so I play it solo later, fail once, try again, and then I pass it, yay. After a while, passed the next 3 special songs... and then... well, it's a good thing I actually LIKE singing Foreplay/Long Time... since it really only gets hard after 80%.. so I sang maybe 7 times, between 75-89%... ooh, 11% left, until I unlock 140 pts worth of achievements :)

Additionally, although on a lesser case, I also like guitarring Green Grass High Tides... sort of. The first time I tried it, I got 85%. The next 10 tries or so, I got below that, between 68% and 78%, but then I finally got up to 91%. Should've switched to the solo keys sooner... anyway, so that's it. So I have 62/64, 62/64, and 63/64 on hard drums, expert guitar and expert vocals respectively. One day, I'll suddenly have an additional 380 gamer points from rockband :)


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