Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Your base is under attack... once.

Ya know what I hate in C&C? I hate it when you leave your base alone, and some jerk comes by and kills you and your units don't do anything. Also, your EVA doesn't tell you enough.

Like, when a Tomahawk and a bunch of tanks are taking out your buildings, and you have a few guys a few steps away, but they just sit there and do nothing because they're not being attacked. They don't see your own building being blown to bits, so they don't do anything and you just lose a warfactory just like that.

And then when they start combat, your EVA tells you that yout base is under attack, so you pause your offense, and you check your base and start making some random defensive stuff, and then you go back to your offense. Like in Starcraft, it doesn't feel like a problem for some reason...

but in C&C, so you continue your offense, and then the next thing you know, you look back at your base and you've lost 6 buildings. I don't know, it doesn't feel like that in Starcraft, but in this game it feels like a lot can happen while you're not looking, and the EVA doesn't tell you enough and... yeah. A lot can happen between 1 look and the next. So I've lost a bunch of games because of that.. It's because units are stupid and they don't attack or defend properly without your supervision. Meanwhile, the computer can micromanage both really well.

And then you die.


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