Thursday, February 01, 2007

Scratch & Win - 50% to 100% off

Okay, so we get a flyer from Premiere Fitness, and we scratch it and it says "you get 90% off the 1-year registration fee of $249", and I'm like, WOW! That's pretty good. Maybe we should join. That's awesome. What are the chances of that?

So I read the back of the card:

2,000,000 Scratch&Win cards will be circulated. Odds of winning: 1,960,000/2,000,000 - 90% off 1 year membership. 20,000/2,000,000 - 100% off 1 year membership. 20,000/2,000,000 - 50% off 1 year membership. .....

So like... what the? 98% chance of getting 90% off, so basically... it's almost for sure, you're getting 90% off, so the scratch and win is nearly obsolete - or is it?

So there's a 1% chance you get 100% off. Now, the thing that puzzles me though, is why is there a 1% chance that you get 50% off? (it's not really chance - 1% of the population WILL get 50% off, not that the 1% is independent each time)

So why does 1% get 50% off? Is it to make 1% of the population feel bad? Like, what's the point of it? Those 50%off people will read the back and they will feel outcasted from the rest of the population, and they will feel like they're worth less than the others!! what's with that?

(on another note, the offer's expired..)


Anonymous silph said...

25$ for one year is REALLY good! I would've join, probably!

7:47 PM  

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