Monday, November 14, 2005

Need For Speed

I really like racing games – so it’s kind of exciting whenever EA releases another Need for Speed game. This time it’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted, which brings them back to the more real, more exotic cars, and brings back cops and stunts and whatever.

But… the driving experience in Need for Speed is actually sorta… mediocre. Basically, you drive, you brake, you turn; maybe you hand brake, shift gears, and nitro. You drive around, hit cars, hit walls. It feels… very basic. You’re given this metal box and you drive and turn around the course.

Forza and PGR have its physics. Outrun has its simplicity. Burnout has its speed. Each of these games are also a marvel to look at. So what does Need for Speed do special? Well, I guess they have the variety piece of the pie. Sure, PGR and Outrun have “special” challenges, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

Forza and PGR are mostly about racing, and Burnout has racing and crashing. NFS puts a spin on the formula; you can race, but you also have other objectives – get away from cops, customize your car, etc – and with its varying locales and car types, it does a pretty good job.

So while NFS games aren’t really groundbreaking, the way Forza and Burnout are, NFS games still are a lot of fun. Also, NFS games aren’t the greatest looking, but they do an okay job. As for NFS Most Wanted, it looks promising… although PC-Keyboard turning/acceleration isn’t so great… maybe it’s time to buy an NFS for the console…


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