Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Show where Nothing Happens

Everybody Loves Raymond. I used to not watch it, so I didn’t know the big deal – you know, every now and then it’s on TV and I get a glimpse of it. Then a few weeks before the Series finale hit, I started watching it. And I like it.

It’s odd – because I think nothing happens in the show. For example, in Friends, there are 6 people, and they each have lives and different places to go to. But for Raymond, they’re always in the same house, always in the same three rooms (bedroom, kitchen, living room) and there are always the same characters – Ray and Debra, and then Ray’s family. Every now and then of course they meet some other people, but for the most part it’s just Ray and Debra.

And… they’re talking. They’re arguing, and it’s funny. So nowadays I’m watching it more when I don’t feel like watching Jeopardy, as it’s on every day from like 7-9 from TBS. It’s a charming little show, and it’s actually quite funny for a show where nothing happens. Not sure if I’ll be getting any dvd season boxsets anytime soon, but for now, I’ll continue enjoying it on TBS.


Blogger Ambrose said...

Last time I checked Seinfeld's finale was like, 5, 6 years ago =p

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg, you and I have totally different interpretations of that show. Every show is just CHOCK FULL of stuff happening; it is genius at presenting different perspectives. In my view, it's not a show where nothign happens: it's a show about communication/relationship, motives of behaviour, and alternative perspectives. Perhaps not much physical action happens, but whenever I watch an ep of ELR, my head is always reeling in trying to understand what went on!

not related, but by chance have you ever ordered DVDs of Gilmore Girls? I'm not sure if you still watch the show. I doubt you have ordered them, but it's worth asking.

-- Silph

1:36 AM  

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