Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shadow of the Colossus

I finally got to play it; Isaque brought it over the other day. Before this, Isaque and the others kept telling me how I may not like the game – long walking distances, and the ever so bad ‘mario sunshine’ aspect. That is, the possibility of climbing up a tower, and then falling back down and trying again.

This was evident on the 3rd Colossus, the one where you have to swim and then go up and possibly fall down while jumping. Hawk fell down like 8 times, that wasn’t fun to watch. Falling off a Colossus is kinda different, because it’s more enjoyable to get back up. Hawk let me find and beat the 4th Colossus by myself, without tooo much help from the others. It was fun. Like everyone says, it’s an interesting experience when fighting such a huge creature, and climbing on it and hanging on to its fur and stuff.

So that was a fun experience.


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