Sunday, December 11, 2005

Long Story Short

Okay, so the other blog is busy doing preview cards for our Magic thing. So what have I been doing? Long story short:

- Rented a PS2 RPG game. It's a week-long rental, which means it's a 2-week-long rental. I've got 9 more days with it, and I've played it for about 24 hours now. Actually, I was doing research on Duy's Christmas present, but I don't think this is the game. It's more of a rental-game than a buy-game.

- Since I rented the game, haven't played Katamari Damacy or Ninja Gaiden lately.

- Watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. If David is reading this, he *may* enjoy it. And I wouldn't be surprised if it came up on W network. Anyway, everyone keeps telling me it's a bad movie, but I still wanted to see it - so naturally I had bad expectations, and naturally the movie turns out better when you have that. So in short, I liked the movie. I'd write a longer review on my blog later on, but basically everyone kept saying there was no chemistry between the Mr. and Mrs. But it's.. the movie is like flowing, oozing with Celebrity power, just because of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I didn't think she was so pretty before, but yeah... she is :) Anyway, with all the commercials and all that, it kinda adds a suspense-thing to the movie, because you know what's going to happen, you just wonder how it'll turn out and when.

So - the movie seems really good because it's Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - since they're a real couple, you can watch the movie and pretend that's like, how it is in real life since they are a couple like that... .... or something. It adds to the movie.

- I signed up for some exercise package thingy. It should arrive here sometime around Christmas, and then maybe if I follow the program then... well, we'll see. As Ray said on his blog, one way to force yourself to exercise is to pay someone money. And... there we go.

- Christmas Shopping... umm... I'm getting Duy a game, I'm getting me a game, I think I'll ask Duy to pool our money together so we can get my sis an iPod nano. Not sure about the parenthesis yet (parents, sometimes I add syllables to words, got that from Alan)..

- Poker this, poker that.. so I've reached my new high, and now I'm going waaay down from there... so... it's no good. Oh yeah, I did have a few poker accounts before, with Empirepoker and Tigergaming - I finally took out all my money from Empirepoker so I'm done with EP, and I transferred the money to my Ultimatebet account. I hope Ray joins ultimatebet so I can get some more bonus money...

- Watching King Kong with my uncle and parents on Wednesday.

That was a pretty long update. Then again, I haven't updated for a week.


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