Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Prettyness of Presents

Presents are pretty. Christmas really is a wonderful time of year. Sure, it’s full of consumerism or commercialism and all that crap; at one end it’s all about money, at the other end it really is pretty and heartwarming.

I just wrapped a present, a small cubic 10cm package. I used shiny silver and light blue wrapping paper, with symbols of stars and snowflakes and other Christmas-y things. It’s nice and shiny, and… elegant. It doesn’t look kiddy. And to top it off, a nice red bow on top. The wrapping job is okay, I did it myself…

Aww, unfortunately, this present isn’t for me… it’s just so pretty now though. I should take a picture of it before I depart with it… It’s… just so pretty.


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