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Okay, this is a response to my "World of Warcraft" blog post on the other blog.

I may have... fibbed a little - at the time not really on purpose, but I realized something. I do like leveling up and bigger numbers, up to a point. We level up often in TOTA; sometimes out of necessity because a boss is beating us tooo badly, but sometimes just for fun. Sometimes we're a few levels away from learning new magic spells or new AD Skills. And I must admit, looking at my C.Cores and seeing my (Guy's) attack power at, for example, 332+132, it makes me feel good. I look at Jia's (Jade's) attack power and it's like 120+10. Hah. But his magic is through the roof and I have none of that, so we each have a role.

Seeing bigger numbers as you do attacks in TOTA is also nicer, although I do admit that enemies are getting stronger so they take longer to kill, makes me feel... not as satisfied. Leveling up the sword in Ninja Gaiden is fun, or getting some attack increases in games like that is nice. Being stronger in Paper Mario games is always nice, you get that nice level up animation too. Leveling up in Final Fantasy games is always pretty good, makes you feel better, except in Final Fantasy 8, but I digress.

I think the main problem personally for me in WOW, is not the leveling up and the numbers. The two problems for me, are the clicking, and the pace.

Pace is a major one. It takes many hours to level up a level in WOW, and it takes a long time to defeat an enemy, or a boss. In Guild Wars, it was more combat oriented - combat was faster, life changes occur more often, and overall it was a much faster game. In Ninja Gaiden, a normal enemy would die in 3 hits, or one nice combo or something, and similarly, an enemy can kill you pretty quickly too. In TOTA, your change in life can be really quick, and enemies die relatively faster than in WOW. Halo... well, everything is quicker in Halo and other games.

Devil May Cry bosses kinda had this problem - they took a lot of hits, and were more a battle of endurance than skill. Viewtiful Joe bosses had a formula where you had to learn, and then you just had to repeat the formula over and over until they died, that also wasn't that much fun. I like quick turnaround in my games.

So my main problem is pacing, or time. Personally for me, the result you get from playing an hour of WOW is not worth the time. Leveling up is much more satisfying in TOTA, where it happens much more often, and the effect.. well, the effect is okay. But in games like Paper Mario, where you have 30 life and when you level up and you gain 5 life, that is quite significant.

That said... if they made an MMO Halo game, where it's just like Halo 3, but they have some leveling up system where you get better shields, and better weapons... and you go into different classes and you can hold different weapons... that'd be neat. Then there's PvP games and all that, they have that already but now it's more... umm.. restricted, hehe. Then there are instances and dungeons, where you form a party of 4 or 8 or whatever, and it'll be like a SWAT team taking out a rogue enemy dragon or whatever. I think I can play this game.

Similarly, if Smash Bros was an MMO, where you level up and get new moves and abilities (triple jump? longer firefox? double air-dodge? stronger falcon punch? hits both ways?), that would be neat. If they had a mario game with swords? and you level up? Although I think it's called Maple Story? hmm... anyway, I think I can play these games, and level up, and enjoy myself... the thing is, these types of games don't take long times to play. I can be quick in and out of a pvp game in Halo in 10 minutes, or a dungeon in 30 minutes or something.

Hmm... I think that's it. And then comes the clicking, the core of the gameplay. That's another subject. So, for me, it's the pacing, the time effort required to play WOW, and how it takes too long for things to happen. So... does this say anything about me? Am I impatient? Is it a fault of mine? Well, whatever. That's that.

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Blogger Ray said...

"If they had a mario game with swords? and you level up?"...

It's called Mario RPG, heh. And I'll bet you tried to super/ultra jump that one guy 100 times with Mario at least once didn't you? ;)

Yes, MMOs take time to play. That's one of the main reasons why I haven't started WoW again; school doesn't leave me with enough time if I want to keep my marks up. I quit MMOs for the first year ever in university (EQ in Year 1, WoW in Years 2-4) and all of a sudden I have an A average instead of a B-, heh.

That aside, everything is clicking. Everything is bigger numbers. You race tracks over and over to unlock cars/new car parts, play the same Guitar Hero songs at different difficulties to unlock songs (I think?), you level up in Final Fantasy way beyond what you need to just beat the game, you want to collect every single star in Mario 64, every banana in DK Country. You want the new guns, the new whatevers. Why? Who knows? But it's no different in any other game.

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