Monday, June 18, 2007

2.5 new SSB Terms!

After millions of SSB (Super Smash Bros) matches and dozens and dozens of Smash terms, 2 or 3 new terms have recently come up! Two by Jia, and half by myself and Hawk:

Reverse-V: Reverse-V is a move by Captain Falcon and it is done on Peach's Castle, or whatever that stage is with the bumper and triangles. It happens when Falcon does a Falcon Dive in such a way such that, after leaving the dive, the opponent's body goes diagonally up into the bottom of the triangle, and then bounces so that they go diagonally downwards away from the stage.

Artificial Triangle: Artificial Triangle, I think, is done exclusively by Monkey. Similarly to Reverse-V, in this move, the Monkey grabs the opponent and picks them up, ready for a forward throw. Then the Monkey jumps and throws the opponent such that, like Reverse-V, the opponent goes diagonally up, hits the bottom of the triangle, and is sent diagonally downwards away from the stage.

Lastly, the half term is not a term, but instead might be an inside joke, or something you'll hear us saying from time to time. I was Monkey in a 4-player game, in which one of the opponents was Ness, and I told everyone that I would get 7 kills this game. I end up getting 6 kills, and then I say, "If only I killed that child..." - and Isaque suggested it would be funny if you were walking down the street or in the mall, and as people pass you, you would loudly say "If only I killed that child..." ...

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