Friday, August 25, 2006

Disappointing Xbox 360 Titles

(Every day I get a few thoughts, and then I wonder whether or not to type them on this blog, and then I get tired and end up not posting anything. But here’s something I just thought of a few seconds ago)

I’m not really sure what I want to say in this post… but let’s start with Ninety Nine Nights. I downloaded the demo – game looks freaking amazing. Graphics are good, frame rate is great, gameplay, while repetitive, is fun in short periods. I already told myself that I’ll get the game, even if it is a Dynasty Warriors clone, but after playing the demo, I was pretty much convinced to get it. In the demo you get to play as one character, one level, and only single player – I figured full game you’d get more characters, more levels, and two-player mode.

WRONG. There is NO multiplayer in Ninety-Nine Nights, which… pretty much takes out the fun factor. Then I read all these reviews about how the story sucks and everything, and it’s all repetitive… so wow, that was disappointing. The lack of multiplayer is severely bad, so I’m skipping out on N3. Maybe once it drops to $31.99, I’ll pick it up. It looks amazing, but I hear it’s crap.

And then there’s Bomberman: Act Zero. First of all, it looks ridiculous. A few minutes ago I was reading some debates about the new look, but I have to side with those that say it looks horrible. And then I read the most horrible news: B:AZ has no local multiplayer. That’s right. It’s a party game, except without the party. It has online multiplayer, whoppeee… but no local. So there’s no “getting all your friends together in the same room to party it out” – it’s all online. How crappy is that?

So, that’s my rant. Haven’t bought any Xbox 360 titles recently… although there are three titles I know of, that I’m looking forward to in 2007: Lost Planet, Mass Effect, and Halo 3. Mass Effect’s like an RPG adventure game… hmm, I wonder if I’ll play it though, heh. Maybe I should complete KOTOR and Oblivion first…


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