Sunday, August 13, 2006

Saint’s Row

Man oh man. So I downloaded this gigabyte demo to my xbox 360, for a game called Saint’s Row.

So there’s Grand Theft Auto, or GTA, and there was GTA 1 and GTA 2, and they were fun, and okay. It wasn’t really that controversial, it was just a videogame, played from top down perspective. Then it came to the PS2 in a 3D, 3rd person form, and then it became controversial because it was so violent.

So then you expect Rockstar Games to make sequels of GTA, because it works, and it’s a great selling franchise. So they’re still controversial, but you’d expect Rockstar games to continue making games like this because they sell well.

But when another company tries to do it… well, it’s sorta odd. Like, the company pretty much knows it’ll be controversial, so why are they making the game? To outsell GTA? Well, maybe… so that’s where Saint’s Row comes in.

Remember that scene in Inside Man, with the boy playing the videogame, which, I think, exaggerates what happens in Grand Theft Auto? Let’s just say, it’s not really an exaggeration anymore. Well, it is, but not so much.

The game starts out with a cutscene – there’s this gang that’s paintspraying over another gang’s logo on the wall, so the logo’s gang comes and shoots up this gang, and this gang shoots back, and then another gang drives by and shoots these guys down, and my guy is about to get killed when “Saint’s Row” shows up and kills the guy that’s about to kill me.

Saint’s Row sounds like the good guys, but I think it’s just another gang. So the story starts out as you, joining the Saint’s Row gang. You have missions to kill other gangs, and you can buy weapons, hijack cars, do all that other stuff.

What makes it different than GTA? Well, GTA was one thing, but I think this takes it to the next level. There’s a lot of slang, and a lot of swearing, like, a lot. Also, I decided to give the game some chance before I turned it off, so I did a bonus mission. What was the mission?

I had to go recruit some ho’s, by getting rid of (killing) their abusive pimps. After shooting the pimps, I would press a button to recruit some ho’s into my car, and then drive them back to the brothel.

… yeah, that was weird. So that was my Saint’s Row experience. Safe to say, I’m not buying the game. I think I just wanted to write this down. I’m not one to say that videogames make kids violent and kill people, or that GTA causes all that, but this one sure goes over the edge.


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