Friday, March 17, 2006

So, your invention...

First there was American Idol.... and now there's...

American Inventor! Man, what a funny show. They make it all to be so very dramatic and emotional, like American Idol but more so. Actually, it's probably somewhat very emotional because some people have sold their houses or spent upons tens of thousands to make their invention, so when they fail it's like they fail life.

My favourite part of the show was probably the 2nd or 3rd guy they showed. He comes in with his "walking buddy", a wand which you use to fend off bears or muggers or what not. So I'm watching this and I'm like

"So, your invention... is a stick?"

And then 5 seconds later, one of the judges is like

"So, your invention... is a stick?"

Which is so perfect, because it was a stick. The guy kept arguing that it's not a stick, it's a wand. But whatever. He lost. Because his invention was a stick.


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